About Us

About the initiative
Algerian Researchers is a scientific initiative consisting of dozens of ambitious Arabic youth. It is a voluntary initiative which addresses the Arabic speaking individuals. Algerian Researchers seeks to spread knowledge by providing scientific content from authentic resources in order to promote cultural awareness in the Arab world. It cooperates with other scientific initiatives so that to work on research, exchange experiences and scientific knowledge, provide scientific content, disseminate and inculcate the culture of science. Believing in the slogan “science is a lifestyle”, we encourage scientific research and we support it with the available potentials.

Religious and political orientations
The volunteers working in the Algerian Researchers initiative are from diverse political and religious orientations, backgrounds and schools of thoughts. Algerian Researchers respects the freedom of thought and does interfere neither with the viewpoints nor the convictions of its volunteers. The initiative is also committed to political and religious neutrality and avoids controversies.

Goals and activities of the Algerian Researchers
Establishing various scientific sites for different disciplines.
Offering educational and informational courses in different disciplines for followers from the Arab world.
Algerian Researchers team is working on publishing a scientific electronic magazine, then publishing a scientific magazine in the market soon.
Making the scientific content available for all Algerian and Arab science lovers.
Providing the possibility of connecting directly with experts in a particular field, to inquire or ask for advice through Ask Algerian Researchers service.
Launching a free online platform for diverse courses to our followers.
Cooperating with partners to provide scholarships for Algerian Researchers’ followers.
Setting up a space monitoring centre.

Does Algerian Researchers have an official centre?
No, Algerian Researchers initiative currently does neither have a legal permit to establish a centre labeled Algerian Researchers nor organises scientific meetings on its authority.
Thus, the initiative does not accept or assume any responsibility for any work in actual practice in or outside the country in the name of Algerian Researchers as long as we have not announce this in our site and pages beforehand

They believe in us:
Professor Lawrence Krauss, American-Canadian theoretical physicist and cosmologist.
Dr. Nidal Gassoum, Algerian astrophysicist.
Ahmed Faraj Ali, Egyptian physicist

Algerian Researchers in figures
The initiative has been launched more than a year ago.
A team consisting of more than 50 volunteers.
More than 700 scientific articles in various fields.
More than 40 scientific (content creating) departments.
More than 40 thousand fans on our Facebook page.
About half a million visits to our website.